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Till now we have seen artisans crafting beautiful products, and someone else selling it under their name. Artisans never get credit or recognition for their skills. Have you ever thought of brands owned by artisans ? Our primary focus is to work with and create brands which are fully owned by artisans.

Usually we buy the products but never thought of the cycle behind making the products. Have you considered the benefits of buying a product which is made out of local material, resources and technique? Here you can buy products which is made entirely local.


With the rise of the globalisation, there are two kinds of class arise in the society. Independent and Inter-dependent. Can we not strive for Inter-dependent communities that work together for mutual benefits? Here we work with artisan entrepreneurs who are developing inter-dependent communities.

In the modern era, we have developed a faceless market culture, where consumers do not know anything about the producers, and the same way, the producer doesn’t know the consumer. Ancient Face to Face market culture seems to have vanished over the years. At Kaarigar Clinic, we have re-discovered this ancient practice, where you can be a part of this face to face market culture with us.


Our Craft Entrepreneurs


A vibrant Rabari lady, Pabiben’s childhood struggles pushed her to work hard and gain recognition at a young age. She has become an inspiration and an idol for many in her community. was founded as the first artisan-led brand that aims to empower rural women...


Coming from a small village called Awadhnagar in Kutch, Rajiben is the pioneer of a woman-craft-enterprise that hand weaves up-cycled plastic to make utilitarian accessories. Her aim is to channel her creativity to craft a better planet...

Jabbar Khatri

Jabbar Khatri was born into a traditional Khatri family in Kutch. After working in an urban set up for a few years, Jabar Bhai realised that his true calling lied in his ancestral work of hand-block printing. Today he is a craft-entrepreneur with a team of artisans, who create beautiful Ajrakh prints, that are close to his heart and culture...


A skilled painter, Jyotsanaben beautifully captures Mata Ni Pachhedi, a sacred textile art practiced by the Vaghari community from Gujarat. While Jyotsanaben makes natural colours for the paintings, her husband who is colourblind, creates the sketches. Together they have beautifully adapted this craft-form and trained many artisans in their community...

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