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Gujarat – The Land of the Legends, where creativity and craft is a communal expression. The brilliant blend of art, culture and traditional values in Gujarat makes this place full of peace and soulfulness. In Gujarat, Kutch is it’s hub, where life breathes and culture is celebrated. In today’s chaotic world, a place like this is a treasure trove that should be preserved for humanity’s good.

Pabiben is one of those, who is a real brand ambassador and represents the colourful nature of Kutch. Pabiben, A Vibrant Rabari lady, whose childhood struggles, pushed her to work hard and get famous in her younger days. She dared to start one of the first Women Artisan Enterprises

Her determination has become an inspiration and she is an idol to many in her community. is one successful women artisan enterprise which aspires to help women become independent and empower themselves to shape not only their own futures, but also those of their families. The aim is to help women create their identity with the help of their artistic talent.