Ravivari, an online platform, is a one-of-a-kind portal to catch your hands on exclusive craft products from across the country. It opens every Sunday and is a 24 hour market only. Thus, making your purchases exclusive and limited.

The problem

Artisanal communities have been diminishing as industrial manufacturing practices have expanded. Among the numerous obstacles that craftsmakers face in order to keep their businesses functioning, one of the most crucial issues is that they are unable to find their proper market.

Some experimental pieces are made such that they can not be mass produced. A large part of the stock remains unsold. These limited edition pieces can provide craftsmen with a steady source of income, especially in the post-covid era. Karigaar Clinic introduces Ravivari to alleviate the economic impact of finely designed items sitting idle.

The Solution

Ahmedabad has a Ravivari market which sells all kinds of thrifted, new and artisanal products at discounted prices. From clothes, books to even antiques, Gujaratis find pride in the diversity of their sunday market. Established in the 5th century by the ruler Ahmed Shah, the market is not limited to any particular economic background. Karigaar Clinic draws inspiration from a local traditional market of the land.

Our Initiative

We are glad to announce our new initiative; Ravivari. Ravivari is a digital marketplace for discounted artisanal goods. It is a one-of-a-kind gateway where we will be selling unique handcrafted goods from all around the nation. Inspired by the sunday market of Ahmedabad, our digital marketplace will remain open only on sundays.

It's time to take things more slowly and value locally driven methods. One such invention by the locals is the creation of artisanal goods. This Thanksgiving, give a meaningful present to your loved ones.