Kala Cotton Ajrakh Shirt

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100% local
Made by artisans from Kutch

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Available Size: M
Material: Kala Cotton Fabric
Colour: Natural dyed Black and Indigo

Jabbar & Mubin were born into a traditional khatri family in kutch. After working in an urban set up for few years, they realised that their true calling lied in their ancestral work of hand block printing. Both has joined hands and started their own label ” jabbar & mubin ” and today with a team of artisans, they create beautiful ajrakh prints that are close to their heart and culture.

Kala cotton Ajrakh shirts

Have you ever thought about how that shirt you bought from the retail outlet is made? Have you ever wondered how the shirt fabric is made? Today, we are all well aware of the positive impact that indigenous fabric has on the environment and people.
Kala cotton of Kutch, formerly known as Wagad cotton, is native to Gujarat and the farmers do not use any chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers. It is a purely rain-fed crop that has a high tolerance for both disease and pests. kala cotton has a huge impact on the environment, society and the general economy.
Kala Cotton is by default organic cotton, which is best friend for your skin. Every piece of kala cotton is breathable and free of harmful toxins.
Now it’s time to think on conscious shopping. Slowly, Kala cotton is creating a new identity in the market. Jabbar & Mubin develop a collection of Ajrakh shirts, which is hand printed on this organic fabric.

Kala cotton Ajrakh shirt is a great product that is grown in a sustainable way, made by 100% local raw material, resources and craft technique.


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