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Made by artisans from viramgam .

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Size: 34″ x 24″
Material: Natural dyed Cotton Fabric
Colour: Multicolor

This wall art is hand painted with natural dyes and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.

Price mentioned here is for unframed painting.

A skilled painter, Jyotsanaben beautifully captures Mata ni Pachhedi, a sacred textile art practiced by the Vaghari community from Gujarat. While Jyotsanaben makes natural colours for the paintings, her husband who is colourblind, creates the sketches.
Together they have beautifully adapted this craft form and trained many artisans in their community…

Mata-ni-Pachedi is a traditional art of painting. The image of goddesses on a piece of cloth found in the temple which is of a multicolored animated images of gods and goddesses, devotees, followers, flora and fauna with a narrative story. The term Mata-ni-Pachedi originated from Gujarati language, where Mata means ‘goddess’, ni means ‘belongs to’ and Pachedi means ‘behind’ When people of the nomadic Vaghari community of Gujarat were barred from entering temples, they made their own shrines with depictions of the Mother Goddess of different forms on to the cloth. The unique feature of this temple-hanging is the product layout of four to five pieces of Mata-ni- Pachedi erected to form a shrine for the Mother Goddess. Traditional Mata ni Pachedi is a rectangular piece of fabric used as a canopy in the place of ceiling in a nomadic shrine which houses the main mother goddess image at its center.