Ajrakh Dupatta

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Size: 86″x36″
Material: Gajji Silk
Colour: Brown
Ajrakh Print
Care: Hand wash recommended

Jabbar & Mubin were born into a traditional khatri family in kutch. After working in an urban set up for few years, they realised that their true calling lied in their ancestral work of hand block printing. Both has joined hands and started their own label ” jabbar & mubin ” and today with a team of artisans, they create beautiful ajrakh prints that are close to their heart and culture.
The Ajrakh Story
Ajrakh is the sartorial identity of the Maldaris of Sindh. It is block printed by the Khatris who migrated from Sindh to Gujarat 400 years ago.

The word Ajrakh, means blue, a colour popularly seen in Ajrakh prints that is usually due to the natural Indigo dye. The Arabic translation of the word also means Universe, a sentiment that is felt closely by the Khatri community.
This laborious technique involves up to 12 steps of complex printing, with natural dyes and mordants. Each imprint is skillfully overlaid with fine wood blocks. This process is executed over days, and one can easily tell the difference in the richness of colour if it is done over a short period of time. Ajrakh printing is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly craft as the entire process uses only natural elements


Jabbar & Mubin


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